ADVANCED Pistol Training

As an advanced Student, we expect you to be mindful of the dangers that surround us on a daily basis. 

Our advanced training course, we will put your previous training to the test. Our trainers will be causing Stress, make do drills and then push you to your limits! 

You will be shooting on the move, from behind cover and concealment, from cover to cover, from low ground position, In addition, you will be shooting from different levels (Kneeling, ground, crouching, hi and low).

You will learn how to operate your firearm with your support hand. You will learn to perform a tactical re-load and re-cock your firearm with only one hand, while your strong hand is behind your back. 

Our Trainers will cause malfunctions and expect you to clear it quickly, this requires, you to be explosive and determined. You will see first hand the ballistics of your edc ammunition and learn how it performs inside your home.  

Always remember you are the first line of defense for yourself and your loved ones. You must train like if your life depends on it, because it does! 

For this class you will need the below: 

1. your own concealed carry firearm

2. A strong holster for said firearm

3. 2-3 extra magazine for quick and tactical re-loads

4. Eye and ear protection

5. 300 rounds of ammunition

6. Closed toe shoes (no sandals allowed)

7. Shorts or Pants with a sturdy belt,

The cost of this course is $200 / person

In order to qualify for our advanced training course you must have taken and passed our Intro and Intermediate training courses.

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