Intermediate Pistol Training


Our Intermediate Course is an excellent way to build upon and improve your safe gun handling, marksmanship, and tactics, while developing your personal shooting skills. Everything is taught from a defensive perspective and reinforces firearm safety as an integral part of tactics. This is NOT an introductory level class.

We will be teaching you to defend yourself from behind cover & concealment, without exposing too much of yourself to the threat. this will increase your confidence and proficiency with your firearm.

You will be shooting on the move, from behind cover, while moving from cover to cover,  from your knees, and many other positions.  

You will learn how to re-load your firearm and shoot with only one hand. 

For this class you will need the below: 

1. your own concealed carry firearm

2. A strong holster for said firearm

3. 2-3 extra magazine for quick and tactical re-loads

4. Eye and ear protection

5. 300 rounds of ammunition

6. Closed toe shoes (no sandals allowed)

7. Shorts or Pants with a sturdy belt,

The cost of this course is $175 / person

NOTE: (In order to qualify for our Intermediate course you must have attended and passed our Intro course).

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