Defensive Pistol Class

September 17th, 2023
Sunday 1PM-5PM

About Our Defensive Pistol Class

Draken Armory and 360 Tactical Miami are proudly partnering to bring you this immersive introductory level course!

This class is a great introductory Firearm Safety Course for those that are new to firearms ownership, or are considering this as a home defense or personal protection option.


No formal firearms training required. This course is perfect for first time gun owners, to educate yourself before making a very serious decision about firearms. Integrating a firearm into your overall personal protection plan is a huge responsibility, and requires proper training and practice. You will learn Gun Safety, Shooting Fundamentals, muzzle discipline, trigger control, sight picture, sight alignment, target acquisition, drawing from concealment and shoot at an outdoor Tactical Range at multiple targets and distances. 

For this class you will need the below: 

1. your own concealed carry firearm

2. A strong holster for said firearm

3. An extra magazine

4. Eye and ear protection

5. 200 rounds of ammunition

6. Closed toe shoes (no sandals allowed)

7. Shorts or Pants with a sturdy belt

The cost of this course is $175 / person


You must pass this class in order to proceed to our intermediate course

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